Monday, April 10, 2006

Hope when it rains

It's raining like mad in New York City, out my window there appears to be a sea of umbrellas moving at light speed. I am going to run down to Chelsea to meet with a writer later today to talk about VOX, thank God I wore boots! Today I am listening to Mat Kearney's new song "All that I need", a song inspired by the floods in New Orleans.

Last night I had dinner with my friend John, we talked about love, life, death and new beginning's. John asked me how life is after I left the world of corporate fashion, I answered "lovely", scary, but lovely. In just a few days I will re-enter the world of fashion, this time serving a different purpose, opening conversations about faith and Jesus Christ. I suppose our brand mission is a bit odd for the fashion industry, but when has fashion ever been predictable?

After a full year of research, development and production Vox Sacra is days away from going live, Wednesday May 24th to be exact. My daughter Brynn's birthday. Not exactly what a 6-year old wishes for her birthday but in time she may think it's cool.

Thoughts of my conversation with John came back this morning when I received a text from another friend of mine who just watched her mother-in-law pass away after battling cancer. John had just lost his favorite aunt to cancer as well last week. Where do you find hope in death? Where do you find peace, when sadness chokes you silently? Where do you find faith, when prayers are not answered and you feel abandoned? Questions we all ask ourselves at some point in our life. I certainly have.

I found my answer to these questions a few years ago when my second daughter was born with a rare birth complication. Christ met me in all my despair, grief and loss and asked the same haunting question he had posed to me numerous times in my life... "Will you follow Me shawn?". For the first time, I decided to say yes and walk in faith, and that is when the healing and grace came.

Time to run downtown, join the fray of umbrellas, neon and the constant blur of yellow cabs.

What is your song?



Blogger JE said...

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Stay strong in your endeavors.
Jane Ellen

10:54 PM  
Blogger Maryann Galt said...

I don't often get a chance to read the newspaper but since Aug.8th is my birthday I took time to sit,relax and read. I saw your story about your clothing line and wearing faith on your sleeve. It got my attention. The more I read the more inspired I became and greatly encouraged by what you and your wife and daughter are doing and how you are also honoring GOD by donating a portion to the needy children in Africa. It brought tears to my eyes.
My husband and I went to Africa 4yrs ago to see what we could do to help the orphaned children there. We came across a little boy who was deformed. It is call hemifacial microsonomia. We were so touch by God to help this little one that we brought him back to America with us as God and only God made the way for us to do so. We wanted to get him the medical help he needed. As it turned out we adopted him and named him Gideon. It is awesome to see the hand of God on his life. He has many challenges to face but with God's help,strength,love and encouragement we will make it. We are older people, my husband is 76 and Im 60 but realized that God could still use us to make a difference in someones life! We are so very blessed. We live here in Seattle and with God grace Gideon will become a mighty man of God . Every blessing to you and your family.
In His Love,
Maryann Galt

10:09 PM  

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