Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beauty in the unknown

Time and time again, I find myself trying to control my life, circumstances, environment and yet I feel devastated when the outcome is nothing less that what I expected. I am without a doubt, a "slow learn". This past week I found myself again frustrated because work related issues were not evolving as I had planned and hoped.

In the quiet space of my studio, I sat on the floor and cried out to Christ, "where are you in all of this, I need some support here and all I feel is that I am getting my butt kicked." During my pathetic complaining session with Christ, my cell rang. It was my friend Eric, just checking in. Eric is a successful builder, amongst many other things. I asked him, "Eric, while you were starting your company, did you ever feel alone, desperate, abandoned?" Eric laughed and said, "I did and often still do, but it is mostly when I am not trusting Christ."

What is most difficult to admit is that I am like everyone else, I want the guarantee, the sure deal. When times are tough, I am poor in spirit and weak in faith. Faith is about trusting that Christ will provide, perhaps not the way I visualize it, but He will provide. I suppose that is the beauty of my relationship with Christ, the unknown. While this can be all together scary, the unknown of how Christ will shape my life is the mystery I must embrace, trust and come to love.

Racing off to a meeting, I pray strength of spirit and deep faith for you, for all of us.



Blogger beautiful sea said...

Hi Shawn!
I just listened to your interview on KCIS AM 630...and I was just surfing your website. I love your clothes and designs! When will there be more styles to choose skirts or dresses for summer?

3:28 PM  
Blogger OrrWhat said...

What a beautiful concept for a company, and what a testimony for others, believers and non-believers alike. It's a blessing to see a creative company founded for fashion with a message. Kudos ... my only regret is that your shirts are not affordable for me. Keep it up.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Trish said...

Hi Shawn, I heard your interview with Sam on 105.3 today and here I am now surfing your website! I'm impressed and think my teenage daughters will be impressed with the beauty and the luxury of faith inspired clothes. I love that you took Christian clothing to a whole new level! We appreciate your efforts, your gifts & talents and your willingness to use them for Christ and blessing all of us.

I love how your daughter led you to our Good Shepherd. She is very much alive in Heaven and your reunion with her will be glorious. Her life changed a whole family for generations to come! Amazing!

You are also a beautiful writer! Perhaps you should consider a book! Blessings to you my freind. Love in Christ. Trish
P.S. I totally get the frustrations in "this becoming" I started a company with the leading of the Lord and sometimes I'm like.."did I hear you right?" more faith is required I suppose.

12:20 PM  

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