Monday, June 12, 2006

Public tears

The grey skies came back to Seattle this June. The Alaskan bound cruise ships have crowded the docks and we Seattle folk wait impatiently for our summer to arrive. I went to the gym today to run, listening to a compilation of artists who have recorded songs that gesture to faith, Christ and His promise of God's enduring love.

While running I listened intently to Bruce Springsteen's song "Jesus Was An Only Son" off his most recent effort Devil and Dust.
I can't think of a more beautiful song ever written that defined the precious yet tragic relationship between Mary and Jesus. While listening I reflected on the multitude of woman throughout our world who have lost their own children, prematurely. From Africa, to India, from the China Sea to the West Bank, from Tia Juana to Seattle this story that Mr. Springsteen wrote has played out in other forms, other ways, across our globe.

Contemplating this, I found myself in silent tears laying on a Yoga mat, pretending to stretch. A kind woman came by and asked if I was alright, I responded I was fine, just in reflective prayer. She smiled and said, "good, I need prayer as well to get through the day". What Grace she displayed, taking the time to ask and then to respond. A conversation opened, and answered with Love.


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