Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just a dream

Last night Liz and I went into town and caught a show at Neumos on Capital Hill. Over the past couple of years we have become fans of Mat Kearney. Mat hails from Eugene Oregon. While warming up a couple of hours before the show, I slipped into the venue and listen to Mat and the band. I love the power and clarity of his music, the passion and driving energy of his guitarist. I handed Mat a few shirts from VOX and told him we got a kick out of hearing his music on Grays Anatomy the other night, his career will likely be altered after that exposure.

Opening up for Mat was a guy I had not heard of before, Griffin House. Griffin took the stage alone with his guitarist as he played acoustic. Griffin's music enveloped the venue like the sound of a freight train, not of noise, but of clarity and passionate story telling. I was blown away by Griffins references to faith and asked a young kid next to me whether he knew of Griffin. The kid replied, "yeah, I know him -- he attended my Young Life session this past summer".

During the show Griffin stopped to ask the people in the upper balcony to be quiet, because he had something to say, his songs needed to be heard, felt, lived. If you haven't heard Griffin House before, I encourage you to pick up his Lost & Found CD and play track 9 Just a Dream and Track 11 New Day. The brother indeed does have a Song to Sing, a story to tell. God has blessed this man with a rich spirit and a Heart filled with power and depth.

Thanks Mat and thanks Griffin, last night was beautiful. love from Seattle!



Blogger scott henry VIII said...

Cool stuff, man. I dig the clothes, too. Keep the passion coming, I'm inspired as a brother and a lover of fashion.

8:42 AM  

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