Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holy Days

Yesterday morning my friend Brick and I sat in the Galaxy coffee shop on Beacon Hill, catching up on life and talking about how distant we have recently felt from God. A strange thing to confess during the Holiday season. Brick's job in Geo Engineering has kept him working on Mt. Rainier cleaning up an oil spill and away from his Love and family. My woes centered on the bizarre fact that after six months in business we have failed to seem remotely interesting to the national Christian news media; taking faith into the fashion industry and creating a dialogue. I suppose the faithful need another publication featuring 10 steps on how to pray better or who is the next Mega church in the U.S.A. Oddly enough the secular new media thinks we are quite interesting.

While Brick and I were unable to resolve world poverty, we did find solace in the fact that, at times, to feel God's presence means to share it with others. To honestly talk about the good times and bad times as we walk with Christ. Raw and honestly. The times in the desert where it feels God has forsaken us. I shared with Brick that the other day I was angry at God and was acting quite pissy. During my tirade, I heard that voice that reminded me it was ok to be angry at God and to even feel forsaken, He did too once long ago.

Before Brick and I left to start our day, a kind young woman interrupted us and said that she couldn't help but over hear a part of our conversation seeing that the shop was small and near empty. She told us that our conversation was the most raw and honest reflection on faith that she had heard in a long time, finding it inspiring. As I left the coffee shop for the cool wet skies of Seattle, I realized that regardless of what the Christian News Media thinks or doesn't think of me and VOX, my goal, our goal, is to simply talk about faith, the good, the bad, the fearful, the joyful and guilt and the grace. These are the Holy Days of Christmas, I encourage you to talk to someone about where your struggles are and where your hope lives.

blessings + Merry Christmas